Technical Review of the S&P 100 Index (OEX)

S&P 100 Index (OEX) continues to consolidate its gains from the Nov 2020-Feb 2021 rally as evidenced by a lower-high pattern (1,810.82 - 2/16/21 and 1,807.48 - 3/17/21) and the failure to surpass the top of its 2019 uptrend channel. The trading range for OEX is 1,694 (3/4/21 low) and 1,807.5-1,811 (Feb/Mar 2021 highs). A bottom-up technical analysis of the OEX suggests a dramatic leadership shift from growth toward value stocks.

As of 3/18/21, the top 10 constituents of OEX collectively account for 40.13% of the total market-cap weighting. AAPL (8.87% mkt-cap), MSFT (8.03%), AMZN (5.94%), FB (3.08%), GOOGL (2.80%), GOOG (2.72%), TSLA (2.28%), BRK.B (2.26%), JPM (2.21%), and JNJ (1.94%). Market cap weighting by sector: Information Technology (30.15%), Communication Services (14.88%), Consumer Discretionary (13.81%), Health Care (12.30%), Financials (10.72%), Consumer Staples (6.75%), Industrials (5.82%), Energy (2.68%), Utilities (1.44%), Real Estate (0.63%), and Materials (0.41%).

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