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Technical Review of Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU)

INDU is nearing new all-time highs. Above 35,092-35,192 (May/Jul/Aug 2021 highs) confirms a breakout and suggests 1,920.18 points or INDU target to 36,586 (161.8% Fibonacci Projection), 37,012-37,112 (breakout target), and 40,924 (V-breakout target).

RRG study suggests 16 INDU stocks are in the Improving and Leading Quadrants. NKE, AAPL, and MSFT show technical strengths and CAT, WBA, and DOW weaknesses.

Listed below are the charts of the Dow 30 stocks.

To view the entire report go to the Reports tab on the website or click the following:

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