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Emerging S&P 500 Sectors?

Relative strength, price momentum, technical patterns, and price breakouts are some of the technical factors we look for to help uncover new and emerging leadership sectors and leadership stocks.

We have detected four S&P 500 sectors that may be emerging as S&P 500 leaders. It is important to note the combined market capitalization of these sectors is 40%. So, collectively these sectors can play a pivotal role in the sustainability of the SPX rally.

Although these S&P 500 sectors have underperformed SPX, the technical bases that have developed over the past 2-years hint of the potential for major breakouts and hence outperformance cycles.

Attached below you will find charts of S&P 500 Financials, Healthcare, Industrials, and Materials. Also enclosed are the RRG charts depicting the individual stock rotations over the past 8-weeks in each of the respective S&P 500 sectors. Pay close attention to the S&P 500 names residing in the leading quadrant as they are the current relative strength and price momentum leaders within their respective industries. Also note the names residing in the improving quadrant as they can move into the leadership quadrant in the future.

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Leading quadrant - WFC, RF, STI, BBT, JPM, HBAN, NTRS, PNC, BAC, KEY, and C Source: Courtesy of

Source: Courtesy of

Leading quadrant - CVS, AGN, BMY, AMGN, CAH, BIIB, A, CELG, ISRG, WAT, TMO, and VRTX Source: Courtesy of

Source: Courtesy of

Leading quadrant - KSU, RTN, GWW, FAST, PH, EMR, ROK, DE, LUV, ITW, PCAR, ETN, DOV, BA, UTX, and SWK Source: Courtesy of

Source: Courtesy of

Leading quadrant - SHW, CE, LYB, PKG, WRK, AVY, and PPG Source: Courtesy of

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